Numular Eczema

Published: 01st September 2008
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One form of eczema is nummular eczema, which makes itself known by the small, circular patches it marks you skin with, which cause irritation. It is also known as nummular, nummular eczematous dermatitis, or nummular dermatitis.

If someone from your family suffers from asthma, allergy, atomic dermatitis or similar disorder then you may get coin shaped patches of nummular eczema on their skin. However, the main origin of nummular eczema cannot be identified. It is not too common, and this is particularly true of the young.

Dry skin can worsen nummular eczema, as can environmental irritants. Your daily stress will be harmful for you if you are suffering from nummular eczema. If your skin comes across temperature changes, then you may get these spots.

The real question lies in identifying that you have nummular eczema. If your skin shows coin shaped patches on the arms or legs, then you should find a doctor immediately to treat them. It is important that you ensue this with haste as this can spread fairly rapidly and become something that affects a lot of your skin. These spots will be leak and become crusty afterwards. Thus, you can detect that it is nummular eczema.

With this condition your skin will change until it looks in a raw state and it appears fairly red and inflamed. This can be a regular effect of nummular eczema. Itching is also one symptom of this disease. When you go to a doctor, he will ask you about your family medical history. You may be able to come to the conclusion that someone in your family was already suffering from nummular eczema.

You have to take precautions to control the condition. Avoid triggers such as wool, lanolin, and certain foods, that can make symptoms worse. You will probably be advised, by a specialist dermatologist, not to have frequent baths which may dry the skin, regular soap can also have this effect. This can worsen he condition.

The dermatologist can also ask the patient to use suitable skin ointments, soaps, or moist bandages to get relief from rough, dry, or healing areas. Your nummular eczema condition will not get worse if you follow these methods of treatment.

Sometimes a doctor may recommend using tar, containing skin ointments or creams, corticosteroids, skin moisturizers etc. if the condition is severe. In very few cases will a dermatologist prescribe heavy doses of steroids to consume by mouth or via injection. Serious cases of nummular eczema need experts.

You may suffer for a longer time in nummular eczema. Do not worry, go for a medical treatment and avoid irritants. It can help you a lot.

Complications like a secondary infection of the skin may develop. A medical professional should be contacted if this is deemed the case, so that the problem can be discussed and appropriate advice given, often including some method of treatment. Symptoms such as a fever, redness or pain are also causes to consult your doctor. It is better for your nummular eczema to do this.

Nummular eczema is more common in the winter. This can be spread to people with dry skin and so it is important to deal with flare ups. Washing clothes using fabric softeners such as Kling may also irritate the skin with nummular eczema. Hot and cold weather often irritates eczema. Allergies do not cause this disease, but they can make the condition worse.

Any good doctor will be able to diagnose and provide a treatment for nummular eczema, but a consultation with a dermatologist can be advisable too.

If your suffering from painful eczema and the dry skin look you get because of eczema and you want more information about what causes it...what you can do to stop or prevent it or even just what your different treatments are then this website was written just for you.

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